Blackjack Tips

Would you like to play blackjack? It may appear boring to some, but in truth, it could be one of the most challenging games you will ever play anywhere, such as in casinos. After all, it combines wit, skill, patience, and chance for you to really win every game.

To make sure that you can really be one of the masters in blackjack, take note of these tips:

  1. Follow the blackjack strategy. In case you do not know, blackjack is all about math. After all, isn't the main objective of the game is to reach 21 or less than that? However, mathematics does not just stop there. Since you will be playing against the dealer, you also have an idea of what his cards are. To make it easy for you, stick with the blackjack strategy. Depending on the number of decks that you are playing, there is a chart that you can study and even memorize. You will know when to surrender, hit, double, or split. It will take time before you will get used to it, though, so be patient.
  2. Double only when needed. Unless you are sure that you are really going to win or doing so will give you a stronger hand, do not double. This is because you will only be increasing your bet in exchange of one extra card. Just to give you a hint, you may want to double if your hand is already 11 or if you have 9 or lower than that. Again, you can go back to the chart referred to no.1.
  3. Tip the dealer. You may ask, "Is it not playing fair?" It depends on the reason why you are tipping the dealer. If you want to gain favor among other players, then you cause the integrity loss of the game. However, you may also want to keep the dealer happy and motivated to give you a good game by tipping. Remember that their wages are not really too much, and they can only live comfortably through tips from players.
  4. Practice. It always pays to practice before you hit the tables, as there is no such thing in real blackjack games. You can make use of the free trial versions of online blackjacks. The rules of the game are still the same, only that what you have is a simulation, and you do not earn anything when you win the game.
  5. Always know how much you are going to spend.Sometimes you get too engrossed with winning that you have not realized that you are already spending a fortune. Blackjacks are meant for fun, not to make you bankrupt. Just bring enough money that you are willing to bet when you are going to go to blackjack tables. If you win, then you can just utilize your winnings for another round of game.
  6. Vary your bets. It pays to practice common sense. If you want to win big time, bet highly when you have a very strong hand. Otherwise, decrease your bet.