Blackjack Strategy

It will never be emphasized enough. You don't need only luck when it comes to playing blackjack. You also have to be skillful to apply the different strategies in playing the game. Also, you can't just enter a game on a whim and expect to win. Like poker, you need to maintain a cool and cunning mind while employing your strategy. If you don't, you're going to start playing to the advantage of the dealer, where the house can get as much as 5% of your initial bet.

Your main goal is to lower down the house advantage to 1%. You can only do that if you have these basic blackjack strategies:

  1. Know the rules. There are a lot of blackjack rules or variations that you can find. In fact, there are hundreds of them. They can vary from casino to casino, from country to country. But the general rule remains the same: your goal is a score of 21. If the sum of your card exceeds that number, then you lose the game. If you and the dealer don't reach 21, then the one whose cards sum up closest to 21 wins the game.
  2. Make card counting your last option. It's known that bigger cards on the deck means you're on the winning edge, while smaller ones means you're losing. Thus, a lot of blackjack veterans will teach you to "count," assess which cards are still in the deck, and use your knowledge to your advantage.
  3. The problem with card counting is that it's very complicated, and you cannot learn it overnight or even days. It requires a lot of practice. Moreover, some casinos don't allow you to do that. Thus, if you want to learn or know card counting, just make sure that it's your last-ditch effort and not your main blackjack strategy.
  4. Make use of a chart. A blackjack chart comes in handy when you want to know when to hit, stand, double, or split. The chart that you're going to get will be depending on how many decks you're playing. You're encouraged to memorize it just to help you come up with a fast decision when playing blackjack games.

How to Play without an Ace

Ace is a complicated card. It can either be the lowest or the highest value on the deck. Thus, you will have better chances of winning when you don't have it. One of the common variations of blackjack is playing on hard 17. This means that the cards sum up to 17 and that these two cards don't have an ace.

When playing with hard 17, there are certain rules that you have to remember. First, if both cards are 8 or even less than that, you better hit. If your cards have ten, double your bet if the dealer possesses cards from 2 until 9. Else, you better hit it. On the other hand, if the hand is 11, it is a wise decision to double your bet, especially if the cards of the dealer range from 2 to 10. You may have to hit if the dealer possesses an ace. Cards with 17 until 21 are good, and thus, you have to stand.