Blackjack Rules (Variations)

Blackjack is one of the oldest games in the world, and it has seen several changes all throughout its long history. What's more, the game has been adapted in different countries and would often tweak some rules to fit their culture or gambling style. These brought about the many blackjack rules or variations. Knowing them is very important since you don't want to call a dealer unfair when, in fact, what he's doing is different but acceptable.

Here are some of them:

  1. Cards are given face down.Actually, cards can either be dealt up or down, but that depends on the size of the game and the deck of cards.If there are four decks, cards should be face up.Two decks mean face down.
  2. One card is burned.What does this mean? Before every round will begin, one card from the deck will be "thrown" or discarded.It's not given to anyone.This is often done to maintain the integrity of the game.This technique is very common among casinos in Asia.
  3. The dealer goes for the hard 17.The main objective of blackjack is to beat the hand of the dealer.The player's hand (or set of cards played) should be closest to 21 but should never be more than that.A hard 17 is any set of cards whose total is very close to 21.However, there should be no ace among them.When he reaches 17 or a little more than that, he should stand up.A slight variation of this one is soft 17, where the player has a total of 17, along with an ace in hand.
  4. The player surrenders.If you think that you really don't have a chance of winning the game, the best possible option is to quit.If you're playing online poker, the process is called the fold, while in blackjack, it's referred to as surrender. Some players will do it early on, which means even before their cards are checked by the dealer.There are also others who would do so after the initial check, which means they surrendered late.Early surrenders are often frowned upon as they only allow other players to gain an advantage in the game.
  5. The player decides to double.There are some casinos that allow this, and there are also others that don't.The rule in doubling is quite simple.You increase your bet to less than what you waged, with the intention of getting another card from the dealer.Keep in mind that it's only one card.Now, what other casinos practice is to allow other players to bet on two cards, along with certain terms and conditions.
  6. There are unbusted wins.Unbusted wins will depend on how many cards are dealt with.The five-card Charlie prevails if the player wins the game without being busted and that he has five cards in his hand.Other varieties include six cards and seven cards.
  7. The dealer wins because of tied 17.This is one of the unusual variations of blackjack.In here, the dealer wins the game because his and the player's hands are equal to 17.